Green Smoothies for Breakfast!

There are many different options when it comes to eating breakfast. But one of the quickest and healthiest is making a green smoothie. There are different ingredients you can add to them but there’s one specific that’s great overall. It contains many fibers, it keeps you full till mid day, and it makes your skin glow, literally. The amount of vitamins you get come from the vegetables and fruit you use, depending on each. Most fruits and vegetables are high in Vitamin A and C. Another reason why they’re great is because it allows you to eat your veggies that you may not like by blending them into a delicious drink. Instead of wasting every day on a $5 coffee, you can make a simply green smoothie at home; they’re cheap because vegetables aren’t expensive. Tomorrow begin your day with a nutritional and sweet green smoothie. If you are interested in the recipe watch the video and check out

The video contains the recipe of the green smoothie by Kimberly Snyder, a nutrition expert.

green smoothie


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